Hot off the press again, Pee On Water

by | Jan 20, 2017 | Behind the Scenes

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Though alien to the world’s ancient past, young blood runs similar circles. All those bones are born from four grandparents. Baby teeth and baby teeth all down the line. Jackets didn’t used to zip up. There wasn’t a single door.

That’s how Rachel Glaser’s hit story, “Pee on Water,” begins. It ends like this:

Wake to half thoughts and a dirty mouth. Remember your first name and last. Toothpaste on the toothbrush. The day cut into hours. Stream your pee onto water. Remember the fields of trees, the wayward grass? We couldn’t help crowd everything with squares. Dictionaries, mattresses, apartment complexes. All buildings with flat faces, with rows and rows of square eyes. Pages, screens, tiles. The curves got covered with lines. The birds have sex. The bears eat trash. Life still runs enough years. Plenty more than before. Fur ruffles in the wind. Candles coy and shy their hot face. Many parts are still the same. The day is light and easy to see in. A soap bar slims down to a sliver.

Good, yeah?

There’s been a run on her book (of the same name) in the last couple months. Teachers be teachin’, yeah? I just reprinted another batch. Two boxes, hot off the press, just sitting here in my office.

To keep the ball in the air, here’s a deal — use coupon code “pow” at checkout (no quotation marks necessary) and you’ll get the book for $10 even, shipping included.

Plus I’ll throw in some of these sweet Real Pants bookmarks and ex libris stickers:

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$10 is a great deal for people who haven’t read the book yet, or for people who have and know how good it is, and want to give a copy to someone else. Do it! Coupon code “pow” (without the quotes).