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If you’ve read Dan Brady’s Subtexts or seen some of the poems from the book, you might be asking yourself how exactly did he make these things? As a thank you for pre-ordering the book, you’re invited to an online Zoom workshop where Dan will teach you his subtexts technique, talk about how it fits in the tradition of erasure poetry, and give you a roadmap to create your own.

Preordered books will ship in late January. The event will be held in late February!

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Praise for Subtexts

“Brady’s poems contract and unfurl as you read them. I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but imagine what mysteries would be revealed if you took a cell sample from the paper this book is printed on and looked at it under a microscope. What if you dissected the book’s spine or were handed an MRI of the writer’s brain? These excavations reveal beautifully layered and nuanced truths.”
—Matthea Harvey, author of If the Tabloids Are True What Are You?

“The poems in Dan Brady’s Subtexts build a world for us on their own terms as each page dives deeper into the personal and the communal through expansion and contraction. Brady’s play with form teaches us how to be better readers, to listen closely to what is being said and perhaps more importantly to the unspoken. Between the lines are moments of joy and pain, of confusion and surrender. ‘I want you to know that I am here. We are here together,’ Brady writes. Together we grow into, through, and towards language.”
—Eloisa Amezcua, author of Fighting Is Like a Wife

“Modeled after Eugene Leroy’s layered paintings, these poems assemble and dissemble themselves right before the reader’s eyes. This is an exciting form that complicates the content of what we say and what lies just below the surface of our intent and meaning.” —Jen Fitzgerald, author of The Art of Work

“These poems are an accumulation and an erasure, it’s a mystery and a maze with the key built into its guts…The form of these pieces really works to amplify and distort the content. It’s hard to capture just what the poems do, so you might well have to grab a copy and see for yourself. Just know that it’s something that can alter the way you are in the world in the way that good things do.” —Tony Mancus, author of All the Ordinariness

Recent and Upcoming Events

Here are some opportunities to meet up with Dan Brady, virtually or in person. For more information about any of these events, or to set something up, please contact adam@publishinggenius.com.

June Barrelhouse Writer Camp

July Georgetown Summer Writers Workshop

August Inner Loop’s Author’s Corner

Past Events

Feb 2   American University (Class Visit)
Feb 5   The Writers’ Center In Conversation with Jenn Koiter 
Feb 17   Virtual Launch with Dave Housley (organized by Alan Squire Press)
Feb 22   The College of New Jersey (Class Visit)
Feb 26   Day Eight Festival

March 10   Virtual Readings on the Pike
March 17   Virtual Craft Chat @ Writers Center with Emily Holland
March 23-26   AWP Conference (Event TBA)

April      Tire Fire Reading Series (Date TBA)
April 6   Virtual Warren Wilson College (Class Visit)
April 6   American University (Class Visit)
April 23  Virtual Barrelhouse Conference (Tentative)

May 8   HOT L Reading Series (Smartish Pace/Ivy Bookstore)

Stay tuned for info on Dan’s free workshop on writing erasure-like poetry.