Irksome Particulars

“This is a book you will read over and over and never pin down—it floats weightlessly, despite the weight of its intricacies and gorgeously exquisite language.”

Dorothea Lasky, Astro Poet and author of Thunderbird and Rome and Awe and more

Mystery and Mortality

“Paula Bomer writes the kind of women’s fiction that critics like to call ‘raw.’ Her stark portrayals of biological womanhood have been described as raw and angry, raw and darkly funny, brutally raw and urgent… Bomer offers her characters no outs.”

– The New York Times

The Aleatory Abyss

“Our current condition of ambient despair gets an excellent portraiture in Evelyn Hampton’s The Aleatory AbyssIt’s an obscure book about being obscure…”

– Eugene Lim at The Millions