Submissions are open for books (!) and our blog at The Art of Everyone.

If you’re a writer with a manuscript you want considered, just send a note using the form below (scroll down) describing the project—the genre, the tone, your inspirations, your hopes for it. Whatever you want to say. I’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

Everyone should feel very welcome to submit. That said, I am most interested in off-kilter, hard to classify books of short fiction and creative nonfiction by women, people over 55, and writers of color.

I’m opening submissions now in memory of my friend, the great Giancarlo DiTrapano, whose untimely death has left a huge and desperate hole in American publishing. (Gian used to put his phone number on his website with a note to call him if you needed to. So open, so cool.) With Tyrant Books, Gian put out amazing, daring writing. PGP can’t hold a candle to his press, but I hope to continue publishing books as a way to hold a candle for him.

About PGP

(and The Art of Everyone)

Publishing Genius started putting out books in 2007 by people like Stephanie Barber, Melissa Broder, Rachel B. Glaser, Mike Young, Michael Kimball, Madeline ffitch, Mairéad Byrne, Rupert Wondolowski, Timothy Willis Sanders and … too many more to list. Find our catalog here.

Our first online journal was called Everyday Genius and it ran from 2009 until 2015. Those archives still exist at Everyday-Genius.com and are worth perusing. We even feature them here from time to time. EG was eventually replaced by Real Pants.

Now we’re going to publish occasional work at The Art of Everyone. No set schedule. No overarching format or editorial vision. Just great writing, whenever. And, we’re paying (talkin bout that burger and beer [or coffee] money).

There’s also a quarterly journal at TAoE called Everyone Quarterly, helmed by microfictionist Joseph Young.

If you want to participate somehow, maybe see your writing at these decidedly unhallowed pages, you can simply use the contact form below to say hello and we’ll start there. The objective is to demystify the process.

Our latest book, poetry by Justin Marks

Other Guidelines for The Art of Everyone

  • Currently we are especially looking for “secondary material”—interviews and reviews and other contributions that feature literary and/or AV and/or art projects created by people other than the person submitting
  • And especially interested in work that amplifies and highlights the work, lives, and experience of people who live and work on the margins
  • You may also just use the contact form to say hi and that you’d like to write something
  • Interviews can be longer than 750 words—everything else should be shorter
  • If your work doesn’t require any special formatting, feel free to paste it below. Otherwise, upload it to Dropbox—or just note what it’s about and if it sounds like a fit, we’ll email you about it
  • Previously published work is more than welcome, as are simultaneous submissions
  • There’s no fee to submit, but we will pay you!
  • Rights revert to author after publication
  • Here’s an old interview that introduces the whole Publishing Genius thing

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