A Book Is Born #1

by | Jan 3, 2017 | A Book Is Born, Behind the Scenes


It’s me, Adam. You might know me from such things as, well, running this small press called Publishing Genius.

What’s Up?

It’s been months since you’ve rec’d an email from me. In fact, my li’l ole small press’s 10 year anniversary just passed without any fanfare—but with a lot of head scratching about how to keep putting out amazing books that people care about.

What’s New?

One of the things that inspired me in 2016 was a weekly email newsletter from Mailchimp (the company that facilitates this communique), about the process of opening an online store. Here’s the first letter from Meg. If you’re interested in how startups run their junk, you’ll love the whole series.

I thought it’d be cool to take a card from Meg’s deck and send a bi-weekly email about the process of putting out the next title from Publishing Genius, which is a collection of essays by Paula Bomer. I’d tell you more, like what’s the title-qua-title, but … we don’t know that ourselves yet.

That’s how early this concept is. But, here’s a cool pic of Paula:

Paula Bomer!

I can also tell you that the essays Paula has written go deep into stories and books by Elena Ferrante, Flannery O’Connor, Brian Allen Carr, Italo Calvino and more, and then ties this great literature to concepts like the devil, the divine, mystery (of course), suffering (so much grief), love and compassion …

… and that is basically the subject lines to all of the emails Paula and I send to each other.

Cool, but what?

And now every other week we’re going to send you one of these emails, letting you know how things are going. On January 17th I’ll tell you about the editing process, and after that we’ll unveil some book design options. Lots more, too—along the way we’ll talk to Paula herself, the printer, our distributor. Basically the whole gang at the sausage plant is waiting to say hello.

SO! In case you’re like me and you already get too many emails, no sweat! You can easily hit the unsubscribe button at the bottom of this email. No hard feelings, my friend.