Winner(s) of the “Write Like Mike Young” Contest

by | Nov 6, 2014 | Deals

winnerAnd we have a winner! Or, we have two winners! For the contest! For Mike’s book! Finally!

The Write Like Mike Young contest was held to promote the release of Sprezzatura, which came out officially last Tuesday. The rules were simple: write a poem in the incomparable style of Mike Young. Mike himself picked the winner out of a big candy colored pile of some spot on entries. Like, who wrote this line:

You were too attractive for clown school, but look at me now.

sprezzatura-cover-front640The prizes include copies of the book, top publication in an accompanying contest eBook (along with all the other excellent entries), AND an invitation to edit Everyday Genius for the month of January (which the two winners will split, which will make for an interesting month of reading).

Mike couldn’t pick just one, so I’m pleased to announce two winners. Congratulations to Dominic Gualco for his poem “banjo tune for spring” and Mitchell Garrard, for “After a Vogue Séance, Fashionable Spirits Keep Singing” from which the line above is quoted.

The eBook should be released next week. Shout all about it!