Unedited List of Everything Chris Toll Ever Emailed Me About the Baltimore Ravens

by | Feb 3, 2013 | Features

It’s Super Bowl Sunday and Baltimore is about to play San Francisco. I thought I’d post everything Chris Toll ever emailed me about the Ravens.

9/20/08 – 2:43pm

i hear the ravens need a new quarterback.


Chris and his son Josh at M&T Bank Stadium

Chris and his son Josh at M&T Bank Stadium

1/6/09 – 9:56am

i wanted to see the end of the ravens game (i raced across the street to joe2 and it didn’t open to 4 and they were wartching soccer!!! – but i did make it home in time to see the final touchdown).


1/19/09 – 7:36pm

did you want the ravens? – that was a sorryass game – be happy if you didn’t watch it.


11/1/09 – 2:27pm

the ravens are playing like they want to win…


– 4:55pm

that was a good game – i’m glad the ravens finally won.


1/11/10 – 10:39am

an impressive win by the ravens – i think they can go all the way to the superbowl.


12/13/10 – 9:04pm

well, i’m watching the ravens – why do i think they won’t make the superbowl? – cuz they can’t get it all together and keep it all together for four quarters!


12/14/10 – 9:14am

he ravens barely squeaked by – sad – they just can’t play a whole good game – i say they make the playoffs and go a couple of rounds and that is it. i had to go to sleep, but apparently the texans scored five times off our defense in the 4th quarther – pathetic.


1/16/11 – 10:49am

a very disappointing game! perhaps they didn’t realize they had to win? they completely fell apart in second half! boldin and housmaimgettingpaidmillions? dropped balls – as the kids say, what the fudge? they could have won, they could have won so easily!



there have been rumors floating around for a while that the NFL is closer to show business than some people realize – that, in fact, some games are fixed. it’s the mafia, of course. the ravens game could be Exhibit A. very suspicious!


11/15/11 – 11:27pm

the ravens are playing thanksgiving night – the game on sunday was pathetic – or the mob really does run pro football…


12/19/11 – 2:06pm

the ravens are PATHETIC! i cannot see them getting very far in the playoffs – they are babies!

– 2:30pm

i stopped watching when Fu Manchu threw an interception – the Ravens are the Gang that can’t shoot straight!


1/2/12 – 10:48am

yes, it was a good game – but the Ravens need to play BETTER if they expect to beat Tom Brady or Drew Brees or Aaron Rogers. They need to dominate! Tom Brady will tear them apart!


1/15/12 – 2:16pm

The Ravens are looking pretty good – but Brady looked great last night.

Please don’t say i’ve done nothing with my life – I’ve been collecting Yodas – I have almost every version.

tolls yodas

– 3:21pm

The Ravens are looking BAD!


8/15/12 – 9:26pm

the Ravens are out of town.