Tips on Printing

by | Sep 23, 2010 | Pubgen

The print versions of Chapbook Genius series are formatted to be double-sided. This is a snap to do; your printer can do it automatically. After you select File Print, look for “Preferences” or “Properties” or “Advanced” and select the option that makes you happiest. Use your best judgment. On most HP printers, the function is labeled “2-Sided (Duplex) Printing.”
Presto bingo.
When you choose this option, your printer will output the odd sides and then ask you to reinsert the same pages to print the other sides. Follow its lead, and once you’ve printed with satisfaction, align the pages, fold them, and staple. If you’ve only got a regular stapler, you’re going to have to gently fold the back half of the book so that the stapler arm can reach the fold. Be careful!
Master this technique; there are lots of eJournals that offer PDF books that are formatted the same way. Like this George Saunders stuff. And hey, now that you’re getting really good at it, why not try using some nice, 100lb cardstock for the cover? Or, sometimes you might want to just stick a blank sheet of paper between the first and second page before you fold and staple. Sometimes I do that with great pleasure.