& the Winner Is: BOOKS TODAY.

by | Jan 9, 2012 | Behind the Scenes

Because “Short, massive books since 2006” doesn’t really apply to Publishing Genius books anymore, I decided to have a contest to come up with a new tagline. (Huge thanks to the creative brilliance of Jamie Gaughran-Perez, who really came up with this idea, and told me to have people tweet their entries, a 2012 solution that wouldn’t have occurred to my 2003 brain.)

Last night Jamie and I met at a pub in Baltimore and watched the Steelers lose, drank some Natty Bohs, and pored over the list of 96 entries. There were some really great and funny ideas. One of my favorites was Michael Kimball’s “Bigger. Faster. Reader.” because it references how the books are bigger, and it plays a really good grammar joke. I also liked Joe Riippi’s “Read Harder,” because it suggests that PGP books deserve a different sort of attention.

Here is the list of finalists that Jamie selected. Many of them are slightly edited:

  • The future rules.
  • Abe Lincoln said, “Towering genius disdains a beaten path. It seeks regions hitherto unexplored.”
  • What you can’t wait for.
  • Leaving you different than how you came.
  • Welding with words since 2006.
  • At the edge of words.
  • Get in here.
  • Crushing convention since 2006.
  • Make your own rainy day.
  • Just telling it like it is.
  • Great books for great conversations.
  • An axe for the frozen sea.
  • Don’t know how this will hold up in the age of ebooks.
  • With great publishing comes great readability.
  • Promoting that disease you get when you read books: y’know . . . Smarts.
  • Set your eyes on fire.
  • Read this . . . KABLOW.
  • Indie Lit House band.
  • What you’re reading next.
  • Not arrogant, just better.
  • Get out of my dreams and into my car.
  • Books of consequence.
  • Books that matter.
  • Books today.
Roethlisberger threw an interception, and we narrowed the list further. After round 2, we pared it down to:
  • What you’re reading next.
  • An axe for the frozen sea.
  • At the edge of words.
  • Books today.
  • The future rules.
The winner, after a tough match ending in a tie between “The future rules” and “Books today,” was “Books today.” It came out in overtime and through a first down completion and didn’t look back.

“Books today” was composed by @Bennflore, who will receive a Nook and eternal bragging rights.