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Submissions are open for the Publishing Genius website.

Publishing Genius’s first online journal was called Everyday Genius and it ran from 2009 – 2015. Those archives still exist at Everyday-Genius.com and are worth perusing. We even feature them here from time to time. EG was eventually replaced by Real Pants.

Now, to keep things simple, we’re going to publish cool stuff here at this website, under the “Blog” heading in the main menu, above. No set schedule. No overarching format or editorial vision. Just great writing, whenever.

If you want to participate somehow, maybe see your writing at these decidedly unhallowed pages, use the contact form below to say hello.



  • Currently looking for interviews and reviews and other casual contributions that feature literary and/or music and/or art projects
  • Otherwise, please send 1-3 poems, essays, stories, recipes, pictures, and other entertaining or provocative writing
  • Or, just use the contact form to say hi and that you’d like to write something
  • Interviews can be longer than 750 words—everything else should be shorter
  • If your work doesn’t require any special formatting, feel free to paste it below. Otherwise, upload it to Dropbox
  • Previously published work is more than welcome, as are simultaneous submissions
  • Review this post to see some examples of what worked well at the original Everyday Genius
  • And here’s a similarly old interview that introduces the whole Publishing Genius thing
  • There’s no fee to submit, and no payment
  • Rights revert to author after publication

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Book submissions recently closed after the 421 open reading period in January 2020.


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