Sneak Peek of Craig Griffin’s Eat, Knucklehead!

by | Nov 14, 2013 | Behind the Scenes

This is Craig's drawing of our friend Bill having a beer.

This is Craig’s drawing of our friend Bill having a beer.

PGP is putting out Craig Griffin‘s cookbook, Eat, Knucklehead! next year. The concept of the book is that it’s a series of letters from a father to his 20-something son, a guy who hasn’t learned to cook for himself yet, so the father gives him some recipes, and tips, and shares stories from his own twenties. I’m looking forward to this book because, at 36, I still haven’t figured out what to eat.

Craig just sent me an update. Now he’s going to illustrate the book from the perspective of the guy’s mother. He also sent me a list of subjects that he’s including in the book. They look at least as funny as they are appetizing. This is a very early, unofficial sneak peek—there are about twice as many headings in the works, and things are subject to change, but here are some highlights from his long list:

  • Drinking is fun and painful. Cooking with booze and for a hangover
  • 420 Degrees. Baking with grass and awesome stuff to eat while zooted
  • Goin’ camping. Stories of the outdoors and cooking over a campfire
  • And now cook her breakfast in bed, dammit
  • Nothing says I’m Sorry I Love You like this food
  • Halftime better than the Stones. Cooking for the Big Game
  • Impress the In-laws for the holidays
  • Cookin’ with the BLUES

An excerpt is coming now posted in the December issue of Everyday Geniusa food issue edited by Amy McDaniel.

Craig Griffin lives in Chicago, where he works as a freelance illustrator and likes to cook. He designed the cover of Matthew Savoca’s book, I Don’t Know I Said.