Review of “Fudge” at “Fck Yr Book Club”

by | Oct 24, 2023 | Press and Reviews

I’m in love with Dave Brennan’s notes on reading Fudge, especially that he gets this negligible irony:

 “Let the products sell themselves, they said” is a line in Andrew Weatherhead’s book Fudge, a book that is a product produced by Publishing Genius Press, a product I am or am not attempting to sell you (link below), though, given the challenges small presses endure in selling product due to capitalism’s fuckery with distribution chains and marketing and decaying cheerleaders, things I’ve learned more about than I care to know via the Cleveland State Poetry Center’s interesting if poorly edited podcast Index for Continuance, it is a product you should probably purchase, if only to celebrate the fragmented glowing portal of the terrible now, a fitful instability that demands nothing of you apart from likeness

—Dave Brennan, Fck Yr Book Club

That podcast he mentions there appeals to me. I’ve now subscribed. I hope it’s not TOO poorly edited.

Read the review at Substack.