tourdrawingReal Pants welcomes pitches/queries for articles and features. (Find out more about Real Pants at the FAQ.) We’re looking for fresh, enlivening approaches to literature, books, publishing, and the new literary community. Please send a few sentences describing what you have in mind, along with a link to something you’ve written, to

Some items:

  • Please send pitches/queries, not full drafts.
  • We do not publish conventional reviews, think pieces, or author interviews. (Entropy has a great list of places to send reviews:
  • Right now, we are not looking for new beats, just pitches for single articles and features.
  • We do have some unconventional ways to celebrate new books that we love, so if you are an author of a new or upcoming book, publicist, or publisher, please send some info about the book to
  • Real Pants strives to become a paying market for all contributors, but right now our budget only allows us to pay cash money to regular beat writers.

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