Publishing Genius at Pitchfork Fest

by | Jun 23, 2012 | Events

We’re going to Pitchfork Music festival to participate in the Book Fort. It sounds like it’s going to be amazing. It has to be, featherproof books’s Zach Dodson is putting it together with Mairead Case and they’ve been awesome as usual and it’s sponsored by Poetry and the other presses involved are featherproof, McSweeneys, Drag City Books, Write Bloody, MAKE, Green Lantern Press, and 33.3 (Continuum). What!

From the press release over at PMF site:

Heralded for its innovative publications, Chicago-based Featherproof Books is the perfect host for this year’s PMF Book Fort. Armed with literary ammo and manned by some of the most dangerous minds in indie publishing, the Book Fort offers attendees the chance to learn about up-and-coming young writers, leaf through books hot-off-the-presses, and find your book club’s next read. Plus, panel discussions and readings will contribute to the festival’s stimulating creative atmosphere.

We’re gonna have books and other stuff made special for the festival, keeping the music theme in mind. See you there, unless you’re weird.