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by | Dec 16, 2011 | Press and Reviews

Baltimore City Paper
“Stephanie Barber’s entry into this year’s Sondheim Prize Exhibition still felt like a profound dose of ordinary magic.”

an interview with Chris Toll: “Give me any noun and any verb and any adjective and any noun, and I’ll give you a line of poetry. The idea is to add a room to Mystery’s mansion. The problem with this world is that everything makes sense.”

Ploughshares blog
an interview as part of Laura van den Berg’s “innovators in literature” series

Publishers Weekly
“Melissa Broder, Penguin Group publicity manager, who works on titles from the Berkley, NAL, Riverhead, and Perigee imprints, just signed a contract for her own second book, Meat Heart.”

The Rumpus
an interview with Mike Topp

Adam Robinson interviews Shane Jones (introduced by Tom Roberge)

Baltimore City Paper
“Adam Robinson’s Publishing Genius imprint doesn’t win this laurel because of its active web presence at the Everyday Genius blog, nor for the ongoing series of chapbooks from locals such as Lauren Bender and Stephanie Barber, or for its ingenious series of downloadable PDF series. . .”

Insider Higher Ed
“Adam says he moved on to producing small, hand-made booklets of artwork and poetry that he sold at readings in Baltimore, then produced a combination booklet and DVD of short films by the performance artist Stephanie Barber, which quickly sold its first run of 100 copies, largely via Amazon.”

Baltimore Magazine
“Publishing Tycoon Adam Robinson wants to bring literature into the 21st century.”

Publishers Weekly
“Matthew Simmons, a copywriter for University Bookstore in Seattle, recently published his latest novella, A Jello Horse, with Publishing Genius, which he knew through his online community, and says he never really imagined the book being published anywhere else.”

The Faster Times
“When news broke that Shane Jones was being picked up by Penguin, my first question to Jones was, How does your publisher feel about this?”

Outsider Writers
an interview with Adam Robinson: “Of course, now that I’ve got all these connections in Hollywood and with high powered NYC agents, har har, I’m getting a lot of submissions that I wasn’t getting a year ago and I’ve had to really change gears.”

F: Why the internet?
AR: The Internet makes it happen. I feel so enabled by the Internet. I have met people through the Internet that I am glad to know. I’m on the Internet right now! I AM ON THE INTERNET. It’s not fun for me though. It’s toilsome. For real. It hurts my head. Still, I love the Internet. Thank you Internet!

Poets & Writers
“I don’t expect that by doing this I’m going to change anybody’s life,” says Robinson. “But for the ten seconds people stand in front of it, I hope they just kind of wonder about poetry again.”

Utne Reader
“This sense of adventure helps projects like Adam Robinson’s IsReads, an “outdoor poetry journal,” thrive. Robinson, a writer and poet, wanted to find a wider audience for the genre by removing it from the constraints of both bound pages and html. Instead, he prints out poems that he has selected for an issue and posts them all around town on electricity poles, vacant buildings, and fence posts.”

“Spike Jonze has acquired feature rights to Shane Jones’s debut novel “Light Boxes” with Ray Tintori attached to direct.”

Huffington Post
Electric Literature
Fictionaut 5 10/27/10