PGP Fellowships

by | Jan 1, 2014 | Behind the Scenes

group-thinkersAre you interested in literature, publishing, or startups? In 2014, Publishing Genius will be offering three-month stints for highly motivated and skilled geniuses. **UPDATE: We are no longer seeking interns.**

To apply, please send a letter highlighting:

  • the title you’d give your position;
  • a dream project you’d like to work on, and:
    • how you are qualified for it (perhaps listing previous experience)
    • how it would fit in with Publishing Genius’s mission “to make the best books … in the most interesting, progressive ways”;
  • why you want to work for Publishing Genius.

The deadline is January 15, 2014.

It’s important to note that the project you submit may not be what you will actually be called to work on during your three-month stint—though, if it’s feasible, it can be. The purpose of applying this way is to get a sense of your ambitions and skills, and to see how they align with PGP’s needs. For example, if you say you are interested in creating a mobile app for Everyday Genius, I might propose that you use those same skills to develop a database that pulls orders from Paypal into an accounting system. In other words, we’ll work together to find a project that is mutually beneficial.

It’s also important to note that your application will only be evaluated in terms of the project you write about. What you submit should be informal. It can be as brief as a few sentences, or it can be up to a couple pages long.

Qualified applicants will be contacted for interviews by January 22.

At the end of the three months, you will complete an informal exit interview which will help both PGP and your successor understand the position. And at that time, if you’d like to continue working in some capacity at PGP, we will negotiate that together.

To direct your applications, consider how you might support the projects currently underway for 2014:

  • producing six books, including 2.5 collections of poetry and 1.5 of short stories; a novel; a cookbook;
  • a new ecommerce site for;
  • implementing a new accounting system;
  • launching a 12 eBook series called “eBook Flights”;
  • creating a new website for Everyday Genius;
  • a better fulfillment system and legendary customer service;
  • continued support for the entire PGP catalog.

Is it possible to do stock options? That may be a project for 2015. At this point I can offer PGP books and merch, plus reference letters and good contacts. Also the position comes with more than the average amount of goodwill. Eligible students can use this position as an internship position for course credit.

Click here to apply.