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"To find out more, visit Q24"

“To find out more, visit Q24”

Here’s how you can find Publishing Genius at AWP 2014 in Seattle.

At the bookfair: Table Q24 
the Mammoth Magic Future Genius table, featuring

  • Thursday, 1pm—“John Dermot Woods sitting around drawing with lots of extra paper if you want to draw too and we’ll post the pictures on the Internet” (with beer / donuts)
  • Saturday, 1pm—SCARECRONE signing with Melissa Broder (with candy)
  • Saturday, 2pm—Joseph Riippi, Puyallup, Washington champagne toast (with champagne)


pick up one of our App's

pick up one of our Apps

Offsite Events:

  • Friday morning! 11am—Brunch Ranch (free brunch presented by 421 Atlanta and HTMLGiant with a full menu designed after the 8 readers, prepared by Amy McDaniel and Gene Morgan) RESERVATIONS REQUIRED

Readers: Melissa Broder, Meagan Cass, Bryan Coffelt, Donald Dunbar, Aaron Gilbreath, Jamie Iredell, Feliz Lucia Molina and John Dermot Woods

  • Friday night! 9pm—Literature Party (dance party and reading by Melissa Broder, Sommer Browning and Amelia Gray) TICKETS REQUIRED
  • Saturday, 10pm—Sweet Fanny (Adam Robinson reading at Georgetown Liquor Company) FACEBOOK

Remember: “To find out more, visit Q24.”