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Here's how you can find Publishing Genius at AWP 2014 in Seattle. Look for the flyers, stop by and visit us at the bookfair, and come to one of our numerous events.
"To find out more, visit Q24"

“To find out more, visit Q24”

Here’s how you can find Publishing Genius at AWP 2014 in Seattle.

At the bookfair: Table Q24 
the Mammoth Magic Future Genius table, featuring

  • Thursday, 1pm—“John Dermot Woods sitting around drawing with lots of extra paper if you want to draw too and we’ll post the pictures on the Internet” (with beer / donuts)
  • Saturday, 1pm—SCARECRONE signing with Melissa Broder (with candy)
  • Saturday, 2pm—Joseph Riippi, Puyallup, Washington champagne toast (with champagne)


pick up one of our App's

pick up one of our Apps

Offsite Events:

  • Friday morning! 11am—Brunch Ranch (free brunch presented by 421 Atlanta and HTMLGiant with a full menu designed after the 8 readers, prepared by Amy McDaniel and Gene Morgan) RESERVATIONS REQUIRED

Readers: Melissa Broder, Meagan Cass, Bryan Coffelt, Donald Dunbar, Aaron Gilbreath, Jamie Iredell, Feliz Lucia Molina and John Dermot Woods

  • Friday night! 9pm—Literature Party (dance party and reading by Melissa Broder, Sommer Browning and Amelia Gray) TICKETS REQUIRED
  • Saturday, 10pm—Sweet Fanny (Adam Robinson reading at Georgetown Liquor Company) FACEBOOK

Remember: “To find out more, visit Q24.”

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