Read a Book by the Fire



We’re lit.

We chose the campfire to reinforce Publishing Genius’s new home in the Adirondack mountains, and because there’s just nothing better than reading a book when you’re out in nature. And that’s not to mention the elemental nature of fire, how necessary it is for human survival (just like the books we champion, hummina hummina).

We love the breezy, approachable style here from designer Gwen Jamison because we think our logo is something everyone should be able to draw on their own Trapper Keeper.


Our new hometown, Westport, NY.

The word at the bottom of the circle can be changed based on the project. Normally it says “Press” but sometimes it can say “Podcast” or “Journal” (if we ever start a literary journal again). We’ll have a party soon, and then it’ll say “Party.”