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Falcons on the Floor at The Rumpus

Meat Heart by Melissa Broder is the book cover of the week at the Jewish Book Council

At BOMB, an interview with Chris Toll.

Chris Toll reviewed in HTMLGIANT

Chris Toll reviewed at Read This Awesome Book

Check out the Release Week Celebration posts for If I Falter at the Gallows

An interview with Edward Mullany, author of If I Falter at the Gallows, at Monkeybicycle

An interview and review of Pee On Water by Rachel B. Glaser

Alan C. Reese writes about Chris Toll’s new book at the Loch Raven Review

Sean Lovelace’s Fog Gorgeous Stag reviewed and interviewed at The Short Review

Rachel B. Glaser’s Pee On Water reviewed in Bookforum (scroll down)

Stephanie Barber in UTNE Reader

Edward Mullany’s If I Falter at the Gallows reviewed at The Open End

At BETASCAPE this weekend: Record an audiobook with Stephanie Barber

Chris Toll’s The Disinformation Phase reviewed at the Frederick News Post

Chris Toll’s The Disinformation Phase reviewed at New Pages

At The Kenyon Review Blog, Rachel Glaser gets brillianter

Laura van den Berg interviews Adam Robinson at the Ploughshares blog

At Evergreen Review, Anna Mockler looks at Sasquatch Stories by Mike Topp

Sean Lovelace interviewed at Nano Fiction

Sean Lovelace reviewed in The Faster Times

Chris Toll interviewed at Artichoke Haircut

At HTMLGiant, “Literally no one who has ever existed on earth could have written this but Sean

Check out the Postcard Project — free stamped postcards!

Sean Lovelace’s Fog Gorgeous Stag at Hayden’s Ferry Review. Pre-order now!

Sean Lovelace’s Fog Gorgeous Stag at Monkeybicycle. The book is now available for pre-order.

John Dermot Woods reconsiders Pee On Water at the mighty Montevidayo.

Three stories from Everyday Genius selected in Wigleaf’s Top 50: Roxane GayBarry Graham and James Yeh. Thanks to guest judge Lily Hoang and Wigleaf.

We Are All Good and Rachel B. Glaser’s Pee On Water were both listed as favorites in the Believer Magazine Reader Survey.
PGP writers do great readings at the Poetry Project. Here’s audio from Stephanie Barber, Rachel B. Glaser, and Adam Robinson
At Publisher’s Weekly, PGP announces Melissa Broder‘s Meat Heart, a collection of poetry to be released February 2012.

At the Emerging Writers Network, Dan Wickett writes about Mike Young’s We Are All Good.

Publisher Adam Robinson interviews Stephanie Barber.

At Bookslut, Jon Cotner reviews the CUNY Chapbook Festival and uncovers PGP’s ambition (4/6/11)

ANNOUNCEMENT: The open submission period for Publishing Genius has been postponed till May.

Interview with Adam Robinson at Dark Sky Magazine

At Coldfront, Adam Robinson’s reading set list from The Poetry Project 2/28/11

Lonely Christopher’s wonderful review of Pee On Water at The The

Small Doggies review of Pee On Water

Andy Devine does a remix at Necessary Fiction

Dennis Cooper liked some Publishing Genius books etc.

Pee On Water reviewed at The Faster Times by Robert Tumas

David Kiefaber’s favorite books read in 2010 include The Best of (What’s Left of) Heaven and A Jello Horse

Joseph Young’s Easter Rabbit website