Matt Cook Audio

by | Jul 9, 2013 | A/V Club

CookCoverTo mark the release of Matt Cook’s new book, Proving Nothing to Anyone, and as we finished a little East Coast reading tour in July, I thought it’d be nice to post some audio of Matt reading his poems.

‘The candor of Matt Cook’s Proving Nothing to Anyone can cause the reader to double check that they’re not reading their email or Disqus comments, but the book itself. Matt Cook’s poems embody what Frank O’Hara called for so many years ago, for poetry to be “at last between two persons instead of two pages.”’ – Quincy Rhoads, HTMLGIANT

‘Matt Cook’s poems are very funny, but they are also little love notes from a man to his wife “who can’t find any of her socks,” to his best friends who “all have rocks in their heads,” and to his mother, who holds his hand “like it’s the last swordfish burrito on earth.” I would like to drink beer with Matt Cook and learn his secret to writing the fucking best sestinas.’ – Leigh Stein

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