Literary Podcasts

by | Jul 9, 2021 | PGP Habitat

I’m interested in listening to more podcasts related to indie lit, so I had our new and resourceful intern start compiling a list of what’s out there. And I’ve got some sweet new headphones, so rather than let the list languish in a Google Spreadsheet, I thought I’d paste it here as a reference for me to click around on when taking the dog or the infant for a stroll.

If you know of others, drop them in the comments?

I posted this on Twitter, too:

Dan Brady recently told me about Commonplace Pod, for poetry:

From @booksexyreview there’s a recommendation for this one that focuses on translation:

One of my faves, Profound Experience of Poetry with Lucy K Shaw:

A lot of people love Book Fight, which is on the list below (and one I’ve listened to a lot). And Between the Covers, from Tin House, got multiple mentions:

First Draft with Sarah Enni looks awesome:

I’m a Writer But (Apple Podcasts link) is co-hosted by one of my favorite people, Lindsay Hunter and it’s also about parenting and “how hard it is to get things done”

And Backlisted is about old books: