Joe Young on Matt Cook at Real Pants

by | Aug 10, 2017 | Deals

Thanks to Joseph Young for writing about Matt Cook’s new book for Real Pants. Matt’s book, Irksome Particulars, will be out later this month, and as Joe notes, you can order it now and ask for any other PGP book and I’ll throw it in. Just place the order for Irksome Particulars and then include a note at checkout listing the title you want, or email me, and I’ll mail it right away. They’re shipping now.

ANYWAY, commercial over, here’s what Joe had to say about the book:

Irksome Particulars is particularly humorous, friendly, easy to read—though with a snowy sadness at its middle. These short prose poems, focused on the quotidian (finding inspiration “especially in history, philosophy, the workplace, and the neighborhood” according to the marketing copy), set you up to laugh, often ending with a comedic zinger—but leave you with a lingering existential longing, Matt Cook a master of world-weary persistence.

Order Irksome Particulars here.