Ithaca Zine and Book Fair

by | Apr 18, 2023 | Events

Publishing Genius is excited to be part of the Ithaca Zine and Book Fair coming up in Ithaca, NY, on May 7. Details are below.

When I was a kid, hanging out in downtown Ithaca was all I wanted to do. It felt so sophisticated. I’d shop for hours at Autumn Leaves Books, even before it was in the bigger location. But then I moved away and haven’t been back except to stand a couple rounds at Chanticleer with my big brother.

So how cool that now I’ll be there in an “official capacity” with PGP? We’ll be tabling with lots of stuff, including some handmade books and journals by Amy. She said she’s going to create a new zine for the event, and I’ll be folding some hidden books to give away. Come out and say hello and touch some new collections of poetry and prose, and some gems from the catalog.

Interactive experience: aside from interacting in the form of conversation, I’ll also be showcasing the poetry exhibit at WNDR Museum on my iPad.

Other presses and creators at the event include Debris Fragments, our friend Erin Dorney, Illuminated Press, Zaftig Press, and plenty more!

Thanks to the organizers!