Interview with LK Shaw

by | May 14, 2013 | Features

Picture 13LK Shaw is the creator and editor of Shabby Doll House, an online collective of prose, poetry and original artwork. She has a forthcoming ebook called “Find Your Accident” (summer 2013) and her most recent poetry/collage collection, “Can You Imagine” was published on Mammal in April. LK wants to fill the internet with literature and art to help the people in this world feel a little bit less lonely.

I think she is doing a nice job.

LK talks with me about literature-based theme parks, a real-life Shabby Doll House and Big Sean.


Hi LK. Here we go.

Oh Gad. Hello.

What are you excited about this week in your personal life? And what are you excited about this month in literature? Who is exciting to you?

Well, I don’t really have a separate ‘personal life’, because I don’t really do anything else, my friends are writers and I spend pretty much all of my non-office job time working on my stuff or their stuff or things for Shabby Doll…and there isn’t really anything else that I would rather be doing…

I went to da club last weekend but I kept thinking I was doing ‘research’… Should I be using proper spelling or can I be myself here?

I am excited to be organizing a bunch of readings in June. I’m excited about Mike Bushnell’s poetry. I’m excited for the Summer Edition of Shabby Doll House. I’m excited for our second mixtape (which is coming out tomorrow). I’m excited about Gabby Bess’ first book coming out in July. I’m excited that you’re editing Everyday Genius this month.

I was thinking last night as I was falling asleep, ‘I have to tell Sarah Jean that I think she’s doing a great job with Everyday Genius.’

So hello. I think you’re doing a great job. Nice work.

OK nice thanks!

Shabby Doll House publishes poetry. It also publishes prose. It has provided minutes of entertainment for me as a reader. Wow. Shabby Doll House publishes original artwork and one time there was even a collaborative rap that featured many prominent, cool rappers. What is next for Shabby Doll House? Is there something it can’t do? No really, where do you draw the line.

Minutes? Wow. C’maawn.

There’s no line.

[I think we should maybe mention at some point that we’re friends and edit Shabby Doll House together? Can’t just assume that anybody would know that…Oh, maybe you’re going to write an introduction to this…Yeah, you probably are.]

[OK at this point I will mention that we are friends and edit Shabby Doll House together. Surprise!]

So what about if we open a Shabby Doll theme park? Has there ever been a poetry theme park before? Seems like no… I want a hologram of Crispin Best reading poems in the entrance way. And a Heiko Julien rollercoaster. And a Guillaume Morissette virtual reality experience. And a Frank Hinton stage show.

And also I want a Sarah Jean Alexander bobble head doll, but that’s unrelated.

Okay, that was my semi-distant future plan.

For my near-future plan, I would really like an IRL gallery/reading space, an actual Shabby Doll House. I think there is endless potential for what we can do, to be quite honest with you. My enthusiasm is constantly growing. Shabby Doll is only one year old. Seems like we can do anything we want.

Are you with me?

Please be with me.

Do you have a major life event coming up in the next few weeks? Maybe like a move? Maybe like you are leaving the UK? Maybe like you are moving to the US? Maybe like you are moving to Baltimore? Maybe like you are moving to 307 Dolphin St. apt #3B 21217? Maybe like you are moving into the room left of the bathroom with a window to the fire escape? Who knows what you are up to next month, I clearly don’t.

If anyone wants to murder us in the night, we’ll be at 307 Dolphin St. apt 3B. 21217. I’ll be in the room left of the bathroom with a window to the fire escape, so I guess you can walk right in.

Also Sarah Jean keeps thousands of dollars in a pickle jar, so come at us.

Close your eyes. Open your eyes. You are being interviewed by Big Sean. He asks you a question. “Will you marry me?” You say, “Fuck that shit. I need to get paid.” How does Big Sean respond.

Seems obvious that Big Sean would simply say, ‘OH GAD’ and then he’d write a song about how my rejection of his proposal only encouraged him to work harder on his music.

But I guess you are referring to a line in a poem I wrote which says, ‘I want to be crying while I am kissing you, but fuck that shit I need to get paid.’

I think I was basically trying to say the same thing. I work hard to avoid depression.

Would you like to ask me a question? A question about literally anything? Who knows, maybe I will even answer it.

With regard to question 3, have you ever read In Cold Blood?

Great question. No. I have never read any Truman Capote. I’m so sorry.


Why write, LK, why even write?

Doesn’t really feel like there is any choice, is the very short answer.

Thanks, LK.

Thank you !