Going on a trip? Where to? Want some reading material for the car or the layover?

We’re going to send a copy of Matthew Savoca’s road novel, I Don’t Know I Said, to three winners with trips planned. Are you going to a conference for work? Spelunking? Baseball Hall of Fame? A visit to Grandma’s before she clocks out? Just want to get away?

But wait, there’s more! We’ll also send you a mix CD of some great road songs, AND best of all: Matthew will write a list for you of what to pack.

To enter, give us some details about what you’re doing. Where are you going? What will you see? How long’s the trip? Tell us whatever cool stuff you want, but make sure you include your final destination.

Any trip you’re going to take is eligible.

You can leave a comment on this post, or Tweet an answer with the hashtag #IDKIS, or send an email to trips at publishinggenius dot com — we’ll pull all the responses together and throw some darts at a map and if one lands close to your destination, we’ll send you a book. We’ll send one to the first three destinations we hit within 100 miles. That seems like fun.

The game ends next Wednesday, May 22, at noon. We’ll announce the winners shortly after that.

Here’s a map of one of the getaways from Matthew’s book:

View “I Don’t Know,” I Said in a larger map

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