Get a Free Copy of Eat, Knucklehead

by | Apr 2, 2015 | Deals

Today we are pleased to unveil the cover for Craig Griffin’s cookbook, Eat, Knucklehead. The photography was done by Deanna McCarthy, and Craig scratched out the titling himself.

Below, we’ll tell you how you can get a free copy of this 200+ page book.

So, here at the Publishing Genius offices we think this cover perfectly captures the story that’s told in this cookbook. That’s right—story and cookbook go together here. While Craig has compiled about 100 recipes, mostly vegetarian and some fish, Eat, Knucklehead also tells the story of an unnamed father and son as both of them grow up in their own ways.

We get to know these fellas by way of letters sent from the father to his recently graduated son, wherein he’s teaching the young man how to cook, and also sharing the often goofy antics that surround the food’s provenance.

Thus the cover, which conveys the title written on the cheap paper the man writes on, also includes a shot of whiskey (coinciding nicely with the chapter of hangover cures, “Drinking is Fun and Painful”), a wisp of smoke, an empty plate, and a framed photo of a boy we presume to be his son, the receiver of these letters.

The book, accordingly, is written for people like me, which is to say those of us unencumbered by any cooking ability. Craig writes out the recipes in an approachable and funny way. There’s a range of flavors, too, from breakfasts like the “Green Dragon Omelet” and wild rice pancakes, to snacks like “Popcorn with Lime” and (of course) kale chips, to a soup called “White Lightning” and a lasagna, an apple-brandied cherry pie, veggie pate and, of course, a whole chapter about cooking with weed.

About that free copy …

To get your hands on a copy of the book, which will be out later this year, read a chapter we just posted at Medium. If you cook something from it, let us know in the comments, or send us a picture by email, and we’ll send you a book when it’s ready, gratis, as a thanks for playing. Make sure you include a way to get ahold of you!

Go to Medium and read and cook!