Funsies and Love

by | Feb 27, 2012 | Features

So, I’m entirely bewildered as to who could be the 88 people who have already read my introductory blog post, but it doesn’t matter; I still wish you all sparkly happiness and perfectly charred salmon for the rest of your lives. Thank you for your support; it really means a lot to a newbie blogger like me.

In other news, if the idea of writing an entire novel has ever seemed daunting to you, then trying your hand at writing just the novel’s title may be an activity for you. Writing the title of a book suggests that you have some vague formulation of what the rest of the novel is about and it also signifies – and I’m quite sure on this – that you’ve actually written the book in an alternate dimension.

So, here are a few fun titles of books that I’ve made myself:

  • The Peculiar Occurrences of Aisle 11: Baking Needs and Feminine Hygiene
  • The Dastardly Dilemmas of Being Dashing
  • Purple Prose: Unceasingly Purple
  • Mary Sue and Gary Stu Unite!
  • Meeting with the Habergens: A Lesson in Perspicacity
  • Mr. Periwinkle’s Outlandish Afternoon
  • The Haberdashery on 22nd Street
  • When Lecherous Activities Abound
  • Marigolds in Winter
  • The Games of Children
  • Mulligatawny Soup

Share your own titles with me in the comments section below!

Peace and all that hash,