Fudge Reviewed in De Mode

by | Oct 12, 2023 | Press and Reviews

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The book isn’t actually available at Amazon or B&N.

Thanks to De Mode Magazine for their review of Fudge and for interviewing Andrew Weatherhead. It’s available as a PDF download (less than 1mb) by clicking here.

As readers, we are drawn into these poems, finding ourselves reflected in the ordinary and the extraordinary alike. Weatherhead’s work serves as a reminder that within the smallest and most overlooked moments, there resides a profound depth of experience waiting to be uncovered.

—De Mode

From the interview:

Q: The poems in “Fudge” seem to capture moments of everyday life, often finding the extraordinary in the ordinary. Can you share some examples of these moments that you’ve
explored in the collection? 

The centrepiece of the book is a long poem I wrote while on hold with NBA League Pass Customer support for four hours. Writing this poem was a way to harness the immense energy of frustration and anger to turn it into something constructive and self-aware. When I can be present in my life like this, I find poetry everywhere.

—De Mode

What even is De Mode though? IDK.