First blurb for “Yr Skull a Cathedral”

by | Apr 2, 2018 | Pubgen

This just in from Madeline ffitch, author of Valparaiso, Round the Horn: a blurb for Param Anand Singh’s poetry collection that will be out this summer from PGP.

In Yr Skull A Cathedral, Param Anand Singh helps me unlearn what a poem is, what translation is, what punctuation is for, why capital letters, why songs. These ecstatic pieces show me how to be irreverent yet full of awe and humility. Read this book for its uncontainable interruptions, its compulsive speed and its careful ear. Here, language is useful in all kinds of ways, as ritual, music, or as a way to completely destroy everything, but with serious love.

Stay tuned for the cover art, which we’ll be introducing soon!