Falcons mention alert

by | Jan 24, 2012 | Press and Reviews

At the official message board of Stephen King, someone named Damaris has written a nice recommendation for Falcons on the Floor by Justin Sirois. Here’s his summary of the book:

So it’s basically about these two young men who begin in Fallujah, Iraq, just as the US forces are about to descend on the city (2004). They have both worked for the rebels but both decide to leave the city before things get worse and the US troops take over. The only way out is on foot and they set out on a long walk to the city of Ramadi, about 30 miles away. They follow the Euphrates River, which links the cities, while trying to escape from both sides of the war and the desert that surrounds them. It’s an interesting story that offers a different perspective of the war than Westerners often get to see and gives very human faces to both sides. I thought it was very good.

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