Falcons Launch Site

by | Mar 23, 2012 | Behind the Scenes, Deals

Hey, checkit, get Falcons on the Floor for $10 by signing up at our Launchrock site, falconsonthefloor.info. All you have to do is enter your email address and you’ll be sent a link to buy the book on the cheap. I think then you get the option to share it through Facebook and Twitter. You don’t even have to do that, but why not, c’mon, am I right? It’s not like I’m going to email you all the time, telling you to check out Justin’s tour dates. (That’s true: I’m not.)

I’m just testing out Launchrock, a free service for creating advance buzz for projects. It seems neat, but like with every new tool, you have to have a pretty fully fledged campaign behind it to make it worth the effort. That ain’t the way I do things, but why not, c’mon, am I right.

At any rate, we’re all about sweet deals. (I have to write a post about how at AWP, the big writer’s conference, we just gave all our books away at bookfair signings.) Why not sign up for the mailing list, too? There’s a form below for you to do that. Every month we send out ways to get books for free or cheap (as well as calls for submissions and other updates).

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