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Here you can find events and Audio/Visual meetups that take place virtually and/or in person.

Live Radio Show

Join “Nuzzle and Bonk” on Saturdays at 11am for a kids show, and tune in on Mondays at 11am for an hour of productivity music, hosted via Amp. Find out more and get the app here.

Water Cooler

Do you have a question for an editor / publisher? Want to share a short piece for group feedback? These open format chats will be hosted on Zoom.


Coming soon!

WNDR Museum Exhibit

Under / Standing is an audio installation featuring a “projection speaker” through which nine writers read their work. Featuring original writing from Stephanie Barber, Amelia Gray, Kate Greenstreet, Gabino Iglesias, Dorothea Lasky, Ada Limón, Jae Nichelle, Jamie Mortara, Mary Oliver, and Bud Smith.

Now on display at WNDR Museum in San Diego, CA.

422 Market St, San Diego, CA 92101

Here is a list of upcoming events featuring Publishing Genius authors across the country. Click the event for more information, like venue address and a list of other performers.

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