Epic Reading January 5th

by | Dec 30, 2012 | Events

There will be, like, a huge poetry reading at the WindUp Space on Saturday, January 5th. A bunch of great poets from Baltimore and Brooklyn are facing off in what Facebook calls “the literary matchup of 2013.”

So you not only get the worthy ideas of smart people presented in the ancient form of poetry, but you also get it presented in the form of some sort of contest.

One of the readers is Matthew Zingg. I just read this poem of his at The Awl. It’s fantastic. One ought to read that poem. It begins, “When I was young I called a rock / a kiss and planted it on the temple / of a friend, hard.”

Presenting Baltimoreans: Jeremy Hoevenaar, Bonnie Jones, R.M. O’Brien, Alicia Puglionesi, yours truly.

And Brooklynites: Mike Lala, Allyson Paty, Eric Nelson, Matthew Zingg (although Eric Nelson lives in Queens, huh).

The cost is $5. Here’s the Facebook page, which lists the reader’s bios. Anytime a poetry reading costs a little money, you know it’s going to be a thing that is a thing.

PLUS, ALSO, there is a ping pong table at the WindUp Space, and I’m taking all comers.