Edward, John and Adam On Tour

by | Oct 1, 2013 | Events


Edward, Adam and John
a Publishing Genius reading tour

Edward, Adam and John are traveling from Baltimore to Atlanta to celebrate the launch of two new books from Publishing Genius: Woods’s Activities and Mullany’s Figures for an Apocalypse.

Their 40-minute multimedia show intertwines poetry, fiction, comics, video and music. And in Athens and Atlanta, Guy Brookshire will present his UNIVERSE WAR!

Oct 19: Baltimore @ Cabin/Fire
Oct 20: DC @ ThreeTents
Oct 22: Norfolk, VA @ The Dining Room
Oct 23: Athens @ The World Famous
ct 25: Atlanta @ Solar Anus

Edward Mullany is the author of If I Falter at the Gallows (Publishing Genius, 2011) and Figures for an Apocalypse (Publishing Genius, 2013). He keeps a blog called The Other Notebook, for his drawings and illustrations.

John Dermot Woods writes stories and draws comics in Brooklyn, NY. His first collection of comics, Activities, is now available. He is the author of the image-text novels The Complete Collection of People, Places, and Things, and, in collaboration with J. A. Tyler, No One Told Me I Was Going To Disappear. He is a founder of the online arts journal Action, Yes and a professor of English and Creative Writing at SUNY Nassau Community College.

Adam Robinson lives in Baltimore where he runs Publishing Genius Press. His books are Adam Robison and Other Poems and Say Poem and he teaches about publishing in the MFA program at the University of Baltimore.