December Everyday Genius

by | Dec 31, 2012 | PGP Habitat

Sandra Simonds just finished a great month at Everyday Genius. Here are links to all the poems she included. Reading the first lines makes for a pretty interesting poem:

Dogs and children stare—they
are allowed.   VINCENT GUERRA

Let us creep apart from them.   SHANNA COMPTON

out the most dismantling Miles solo   DAVID LAU

And then went downtown   JASPER BERNES

In which we are carried
forward.   TANYA LARKIN

It was always her dream to dance noisily,   PATRICIA LOCKWOOD

brilliant : )   VANESSA PLACE

Some people don’t like my writing.   DEBBIE HU

fondle its

At the edge of a path   JOSEPH MASSEY

I keep my mind under my arm   JOSHUA CLOVER

Running into

Having lost all faith in my own memory,   JENNIFER L. KNOX

mead at clog.   TIM EARLEY

What I miss about childhood is awe   ELISA GABBERT

once more screw the breasts   BECCA KLAVER

I don’t know enough about anything to even try anymore, McAfee told me.   KORY CALICO

Kittenish, striped, deep like plush   SEAN SINGER

When mom fell down the stairs   PETER RICHARDS

How did I get here?   DON SHARE

why the good wife is a wife at all or why she wouldn’t be a wife.   JESS ROWAN

For January, we’re doing something a little different. Ellen Frances has put together a collection of videos from the experimental canon. She’ll be presenting a different one every day, each with a brief introduction. Tune in tomorrow.