Dan Brady’s poetry “Subtexts”

by | Oct 28, 2019 | Behind the Scenes

“Modeled after Eugene Leroy’s layered paintings, these poems assemble and dissemble themselves right before the reader’s eyes. [Subtexts by Dan Brady is] an exciting form that complicates the content of what we say and what lies just below the surface of our intent and meaning.”  —New Books in Poetry

Dan Brady’s Subtexts is a collection that uncovers the language within language and examines how layers of meaning add and subtract from each other. In an innovative form, Brady uses erasure poetry to create something new entirely. The poems here concern themselves with history, politics, the environment, our ability and failure to communicate, and more. Experimental while still accessible, Brady’s erasure poetry finds the freedom to say all that there is to say—and reveals even that which is left unsaid.

A Couple Sample Poems

Advanced Praise

“These poems are an accumulation and an erasure, it’s a mystery and a maze with the key built into its guts…The form of these pieces really works to amplify and distort the content. It’s hard to capture just what the poems do, so you might well have to grab a copy and see for yourself. Just know that it’s something that can alter the way you are in the world in the way that good things do.” —Sink Review


“A mixture of erasure, the lyrical, and the political, Dan Brady’s erasure poetry is intrinsically inviting, without sacrificing complexity. He reaches for the reader while maintaining the integrity of his own creative ambitions.” —Little Reviews for Busy People

Subtexts by Dan Brady

Coming in late 2020 from Publishing Genius

(painting by Eugene Leroy)

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