Oh hi I didn’t see you there

Oh hi I didn’t see you there

Too long, friends, too long. How’s everybody doing? Thought I’d take some time to write a blog post while my new phone is getting set up. 421 Atlanta Feel excited about some cool stuff in the indie lit world, like Amy’s press 421 Atlanta. I’ve...

Some Pulp Lyrics for the Spirit

“We want your homes, We want your lives, We want the things you won’t allow us. We won’t use guns, We won’t use bombs, We’ll use the one thing we’ve got more of, that’s our minds. And that’s our minds. Yeah.”...

I think it takes me way too long to decide how much time to microwave things for. #cats — Publishing Genius (@pubgen) March 29, 2013  


Doing a reading is like in Braveheart when he yells “Hooooold!” You have to wait for the audience to get close to kill them.— Publishing Genius (@pubgen) February 24, 2013