Yr Skull a Cathedral by Param Anand Singh


Yr Skull a Cathedral is a collection of poems and translations—sonnets, song lyrics, ghazals and Sapphics. It’s a curation and also a pluralistic religious tract. Some of it is about cancer. Most of it is really awesome.


“In Yr Skull A Cathedral, Param Anand Singh helps me unlearn what a poem is, what translation is, what punctuation is for, why capital letters, why songs. These ecstatic pieces show me how to be irreverent yet full of awe and humility. Read this book for its uncontainable interruptions, its compulsive speed and its careful ear. Here, language is useful in all kinds of ways, as ritual, music, or as a way to completely destroy everything, but with serious love.” —Madeline ffitch, author of Valparaiso, Round the Horn

Yr Skull a Cathedral is an enigmatic man at the train station who enters into your personal space and shares with you a highly personal and outrageous story from his life that challenges your beliefs.  As you sit on the hard, wooden bench and begin processing every beautiful image, arousing detail, and imaginative expression of what he just shared with you, he jumps up and disappears into a departing train. That is when you find yourself screaming out, ‘Thank you!’” —Eric Paul (Arab on Radar), author of I Offered Myself As The Sea

“What’s in a skull (hallow’d, hollow’d), that darkly bright ellipsis, cathedral of cathedrals, engine of engines, wilderness of wildernesses? Param Anand Singh knows and sings in and of this sacred resonant space-within-space through translations and transcriptions of language and light, devotional mutations of form and memory.This book (skull-like, a book of books, borderless, unlocatable) is living transmission, reciprocal and illuminated. Copy it by trembling hand.” —Jeremy Hoevenaar, author of Insolvency, Insolvency!

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80 pages
Published in 2018