Rocks: What Are They Doing by Christine Sajecki and Michael Make

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Qualities and Pastimes of Common Neighborhood Rocks

This is Publishing Genius’s first children’s book! It’s a bright, full color, hardcover book, chock full of paintings of rocks and affectionate jokes. It’s sweet for kids and adults too, a welcoming call to pay attention to even the simplest things that are all around, because these things are for you. And the more you look at the paintings of rocks, the deeper and richer they become. It’s a truly impressive feat of painting.

How does it work?

From the appendix:

Rocks often communicate by reminding you of things. When you look at a rock and are suddenly reminded of, say, throwing your shoe into a bucket, that’s probably the rock telling you about the best thing that happened to it yesterday. If you are reminded of a busdriver, it’s probably a busdriver. See, you’ll get the hang of it! Sit quietly next to it. Be its friend, ready to remember. The language of the inanimate is different than ours so try to get into the mind state of a thing that doesn’t move.

About the Creators

Christine Sajecki is a painter in the Shenandoah Valley. Michael Make is a playground in West Seattle. Their collaborations date back nearly 538 million years, when they themselves were rocks sitting next to each other in a mountain stream. They were separated by a clumsy stegosaurus, but reconnected in the year 2020, and picked up right where they left off, as pioneers in the ancient, brand new field of psychogeology.

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