Murder by Jane Liddle


Order Murder by Jane Liddle and prepare yourself for these fifty spare but homicidal tales.

Fiction | 68 pages | 6 x 8 in. | Perfect bound

Release date: 3/29/2016

The student waited on the subway platform. He wasn’t waiting for a train to ride but one to push a person in front of. He studied his fellow commuters. There was a father and his daughter who asked a lot of questions about the rats on the tracks, which the father answered ignorantly but with humor. There was an old lady pushing a cart that had a single milk carton in it. There were teenage boys who were friends and careful not to stand too close to one another.


Advance praise:

“Jane Liddle orchestrates the tragic lows of life, the dead ends, the interpersonal misery, the terror, the inevitable end, as if she was a conductor in front of the most joyously addictive orchestra I can think of. Her characters so startlingly human, so nuanced and real, in fifty instances of murder, I don’t think she has created a single villain.” — Bud Smith, author of F 250

“Jane Liddle’s Murder is about all of us. Everywoman. Everyman. Everyhuman. Taut reflections on the human experience and violence and fear and love and–lovingly, almost gleefully–murder. These stories evoke Amy Hempel and Amelia Gray, with sentences set to kill and intricacies set to create wonder.” — Sean H Doyle, author of This Must Be the Place

Jane Liddle lives in Brooklyn, NY.

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