Hygiene in Reading


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These poems use Edmund Burke Huey’s 1908 volume The Psychology and Pedagogy of Reading; with a Review of the History of Reading and Writing and of Methods, Texts, and Hygiene in Reading as a source text. Each piece draws its language only from the words in a single chapter of that book.

Patrick Williams was born on the edge of the Mid-Atlantic coast and grew to average height among the parking structures of Metroplex, Texas. He earned an MS and a PhD in Information Studies from the University of Texas at Austin studying what readers, writers, and technology do to each other. He continues to explore this topic through research and creative work, and through his role as editor of Really System, the journal of poetry and extensible poetics. He lives with his wife Kelly in Central New York, where he works as a humanities librarian at Syracuse University.

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Staple stitch, 7 x 8.5", cover collage by the author

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