Fudge by Andrew Weatherhead


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About the Book

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“There were other stories, but they aren’t right,” Andrew Weatherhead writes in Fudge, a collection of minimalist long poems that find holy the tedium and calamity that shapes our lives. Wandering around a hollowed city, looking for a lost feeling like a key that will unlock the secret of self, only to be put on hold while a coup unfolds on television—these poems make the strangeness of life feel valid, in all of its violent contradiction.

“Uncannily potent for how restrained. My favorite working poet.” —Sean Thor Conroe, author of Fuccboi

“Hey, what is attention? In Andrew Weatherhead’s work, attention blows the whistle on its own habit of gerrymandering what does and doesn’t escape notice. Attention might be able to attend to its own absence, might see its own shadow, and a lot of unreclaimed human truth blunders through in moments of distraction, boredom, clumsiness of mind. The poor customer service might actually be coming from inside the house! And for me, “Last Poem” might as well be everyone’s. Give it (this terse, funny, stupid, stupid-brilliant work) a go!” —Jon Woodward, author of Uncanny Valley, Rain, and Mister Goodbye Easter Island

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Weight5 oz
Dimensions7 × 5 × .4 in
Book Details

5×7" Paperback
86 pages
Cover art by Zack Rosebrugh
Published in 2023