Fog Gorgeous Stag


72 pages
Cover painting by Chie Fueki
Released in April 2011

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Fog Gorgeous Stag is an electrical fire of a book. From the first page you know it’s going to combust, and it does, and it will. Each sentence is wired evil, a sentient boll weevil, a morning devil, an angry lover hovering for some reason or other, a bleeding fever. Each image a starsong; a shelved elf; a microwaved marshmallow egg. This book is just not safe for human consumption. If you must read it, I recommend real thick gloves like the furries wear, a mouthwash month, some antiviral gum with Freshening Riblet Crystals, a hundred-year moratorium, or kevlar hot pants. This is not a blurb. This is a warning label.
—Ander Monson, author of Other Electricities


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Weight5 oz
Dimensions7 × 5.5 × .35 in
Author Bio

Lovelace teaches creative writing at Ball State University. His first book of flash fiction, How Some People Like Their Eggs, won the Rose Metal Press chapbook prize. His works have appeared in numerous journals. He blogs at and is a contributor for htmlgiant.

Advanced Praise

Like wrangling elastic flamingoes and dyspeptic hedgehogs around wondrous croquet pitches, like rolling bocce with hair-triggered hand-grenades in a downpour of jazz-scatting jarts, Sean Lovelace’s wondrous Fog Gorgeous Stagstaggers a mere mortal’s imagination with the sheer dervished dervish tattooed on the triumphant tympanic page, the centripetal paragraphs parachuting marginal corridors of ruin, and the Rorschaching sentences slicing through the winded wind-sheer of everything, everything going everywhere fast. This is prose that out-Jesuses poetry’s poetry. Reading it is to engage in the interval training of the syntaxes. The pant panting! The hypoxic breathlessness! The all of it that is the all of it!
—Michael Martone, author of 4 for a Quarter