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Figures for an Apocalypse (ebook)


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This is the second book in Edward Mullany’s brilliant, informal trilogy. It is made up of hundreds of short variations on a harrowing theme, which The Volta calls “timeless.”

“Charming where not terrifying, Figures for an Apocalypse rattles and haunts, glimpsing dystopic terror attentively, mightily, and minutely, and capturing the delicacy of ruin with grace. This book can sweep you up into a dark kind of care about the world, and probably should.” – Emily Toder, author of Science


Figures for an Apocalypse IS and DOES many things. It’s a 200 page mindbending machine. It comprises mostly short poems, with a few longer microfiction pieces tucked in. The poems are clever, elegant, and provocative. Edward Mullany has a knack for being so precise with language (and often he writes that precision in deliberately, by clarifying certain words within the poem) that the reader can attend to each line like a puzzle. Often I don’t know what is happening or what a poem is about until I re-read the title. I’ve read this book many times, heard Edward read much of it aloud many times, and expect I’ll read it many more times. (Adam Robinson)