Easter Rabbit


104 pages
Cover painting by Christine Sajecki
Released in October 2009

“Joe’s micro fictions are every myth and story whittled down to the barest of bones, to possibly one exaggeration, one lie, one meaningful, honest moment. They are so compactly intimate, absurd, and charismatic but also paradoxically vast and lonesome. Joe has so much faith in us, the reader, he invites us to peer into the scene and we become the ultimate voyeur into his constructed world. The relationship between text and reader becomes transactional, how much are we willing to give and how much do we want to take. The small texts draw us in and the white space requires us to go beyond the page, beyond the comfort of the words and to our own black box.” —BMore Art

NOO Journal
New Pages
The Short Review
The Faster Times
B-More Art
Big Other
Flash Fiction.net

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Author Bio

Joseph lives and writes in Baltimore, MD. His microfiction work has recently appeared in Lamination Colony, FRiGG, and wigleaf and is forthcoming inCaketrain and Grey Sparrow. Past publications include Mississippi Review Online, Exquisite Corpse, and Smokelong. He has written on art for a variety of magazines and newspapers. He is fond of collaboration and has created art exhibitions in concert with visual artists such as Christine Sajecki and Magnolia Laurie.