The Aleatory Abyss


Evelyn Hampton’s long essay, The Aleatory Abyss is an essay about chance operations, spoofing, the election, people who live in malls, Mark [Baumer]’s walk, and trying to teach English composition at a rural community college. It’s available to read for free at Real Pants.

This is the pocket version. It’s 80 pages long, 4×6″, B&W.

Shipping immediately. All proceeds go to benefit The FANG Collective.


“Our current condition of ambient despair gets an excellent portraiture in Evelyn Hampton’s The Aleatory AbyssIt’s an obscure book about being obscure—or at least it is a book about occupying forgotten interstitial spaces and about being of and among technological detritus. In Hampton’s world we live our lives not in streets, schools, libraries, parks, or other public commons but online and in Barnes & Nobles, Starbucks, malls, parking lots, and other privatized spaces; that is, Hampton shows us a familiar world.” —Eugene Lim at The Millions

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