Book Giveaway: Birds LLC package

by | Oct 30, 2012 | Deals, Features

No one happened to name the bird I was thinking of, a scarlet tanager, but I wasn’t even sure that was a bird as opposed to a tree or some sort of fox, so right away I decided I’d also accept a robin, which was the bird I saw most often growing up in upstate NY.

No one said that, either, so I thought I’d pick my favorite among the comments below. But then I decided that wouldn’t be fair, because I would pick Carrie Murphy’s funny Orioles gag, or Joe Riippi’s “Larry Bird,” just because I don’t know anything about birds, what am I, an ornithologist? (Did not say “that would be fowl,” note.)

So instead I decided to bring in an expert. I’m pleased to introduce Dr. F. A. Kename, a respected bird expert. He read through the 33 comments and using science and intuition pronounced the winner to be:

the Dead Sea Sparrow. Apparently this bird lives around the Dead Sea, like in Jordan and Iraq. There is also a folk band from Durham, NC with this name. Real chill.

Congratulations go to Jason Bradford, who will receive the Birds LLC catalog.

**End Update**

Guess what? I won a bunch of Birds LLC books from the Flying Object raffle last week. But guess what else? I’m crazy about Birds LLC, so I already have all these books.

So guess what else else? I’m going to give them away. I miss book giveaways.

Just leave a comment in the box below, making sure you include a way to get in touch with you if you win (USA only, please, unless you want to pay for shipping). In your comment, mention a couple (that is, two) of your favorite birds. I’ll send all six of these books to the first person who names the bird I’m thinking of right now. It’s Tuesday—if no one guesses my bird, I’ll pick a winner on Friday (#fridayreads).

What books are these? Some of my favorites, and that’s putting it mildly. Birds have asserted themselves as one of America’s best poetry publishers. Follow them on Twitter.