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Two for One

Order MYSTERY & MORTALITY and get BABY for free

While supplies last—and we got a lot of ’em—we’ll send you a copy of Paula Bomer’s first story collection, Baby (Word Riot, 2010), totally free!

“These stories bleed, yes, but that’s because they brawl.”
—Sam Lipsyte, author of The Ask

Order Both for $10!

“Anything she writes, I want it.” —PANK

“Bomer’s skillfulness with characterization comes from her thriving career as a short fiction writer.” —The Atlantic

“Paula Bomer writes the kind of fiction that critics like to call ‘raw.’” —The New York Times

“Bomer’s book will be talked about because she writes with such honesty about sex, but it is in matters of the soul she is most honest.” —The Rumpus

“Bomer’s feisty prose style and fluid storytelling are very, very good. They have the marks of truth: pith and passion.” —The Brooklyn Rail

O’Connor and Ferrante. Franzen, McCarthy, Brian Allen Carr. Kathy Acker and Wallace—this is a collection of essays about literature. Paula Bomer focuses on the hardest things in life that inspire great writing, like the pain of loss in death, loss in love, loss in memory. Kierkegaard writes of the poet whose tortured screams from the dungeon sound like beautiful music to the king, so far removed. Here, Bomer’s essays bring us back to what we’re supposed to derive from literature: compassion.

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