A Little Poem

by | Jan 16, 2024 | Apropos of Nothing

Playing with my six-year-old daughter is basically just sitting there as she tells you what to imagine. You can even scroll through your phone as you play. You just have to nod every once in a while. But if you listen, here’s what you get:

My mane is rainbow and so is my tail
My body is the color of Eleanor’s winter jacket
And my eyes are sparkle blue
And then my hooves are light purple with silver polka dots back and front
My legs look the same as my body
My horn is white with yellow stars and rainbow shoots coming out of the stars, shooting stars
The fur on my face is white, ice white
And then I have a flower in my mane that is light purple with red pollen and it’s on my left side and it’s the size of my palm
And then the flower petals are heart shaped
So that’s what I look like
I control weather, seasons, snow, summer, mud season and fall, and spring and winter
And nature and I also control night and day and moon and sun and everything in the sky
And my name is Snowflake

I love this poem. My second favorite is this one: “I have a horse” by Tomaž Šalamun.