Bargain Basement

by | Dec 29, 2011 | Deals

Nothing fancy. Nothing tricky. Just a book for 5 bucks.

Check out Justin Sirois’s staggering novel, Falcons on the Floor.

Your copy of this book may have a slight error on the cover, in which the laminate is marked up or peeling. No worries! The story is exactly the same. Exactly as heartbreaking. (And you can peel off the laminate, which is fun. Or go here to order a pristine copy for $12.)

A recent review at The Rumpus called it “a poised first novel.” The L Mag said it’s “an arresting tale of adolescent friendship and love.” To find out more about the book, click here.

You can see lots more great reviews at Goodreads or maybe follow Justin Sirois on Twitter?

At $5, how can you afford NOT to buy it?

FGS Cover FrontOr maybe you’d like to check out Sean Lovelace’s flash collection, Fog Gorgeous Stag? Here’s an excerpt at NANO Fiction. The Faster Times called it a “literary tower of Babel.”

Ander Monson said:

Fog Gorgeous Stag is an electrical fire of a book. From the first page you know it’s going to combust, and it does, and it will. Each sentence is wired evil, a sentient boll weevil, a morning devil, an angry lover hovering for some reason or other, a bleeding fever. Each image a starsong; a shelved elf; a microwaved marshmallow egg. This book is just not safe for human consumption. If you must read it, I recommend real thick gloves like the furries wear, a mouthwash month, some antiviral gum with Freshening Riblet Crystals, a hundred-year moratorium, or kevlar hot pants. This is not a blurb. This is a warning label.”

$5 books. No big deal.