2019 Book Submissions

by | Feb 3, 2019

Submit a short pitch

We’re open for business. Thanks for your interest in publishing an off-kilter book with Publishing Genius. You can make your pitch in the green boxes. (Before you do, go here to find out more about Publishing Genius, if you’re not already familiar with the kind of books we do and why.)


The call

I’d like to add an especially off-kilter book to the 2019 catalog. This book would be something that calls into question what a book even is, but is still friendly to readers. Think, like, form following content. More aha! than wtf? Think, like, a children’s picture book for adults, or an annotated guide to refrigerator magnets, or Vanishing Point. The ideal book will be unputdownable, fun to read, highly designed, delightful. Maybe jarring. Think, like, A Humument or AM/PM. Maybe a little distasteful is cool. Maybe the cover price will be $5, maybe it’ll cost $50 because it’s four volumes long. And hey, if you want to pitch a regular book, like a novella or short story or poetry collection or whatever, that’s cool—but when you do, make it funky. Give me a concrete idea of how we might subvert its bookiness.

Bullet points!

  • It’s important to me that Publishing Genius books represent the real world, and real people. Everyone is welcome to submit.
  • I anticipate that I’ll only select one book from this call. Maybe two. As soon as I identify the right manuscript(s), submissions will close. My goal will be to reply to each pitch very quickly.
  • Your manuscript doesn’t have to be finished (or even begun), so if you’ve had an idea for something that seemed too crazy to actually work on, tell me about it. I promise I won’t steal your idea.
  • If it’s going to cost a million dollars to make the book, I probably won’t be able to do it.
  • Although this call for submissions is informal, we’ll agree to legitimate terms and put a contract in place when the time comes. I’ll also offer input in the form of edits and ideas.
  • For background on why I do submissions this way, see this post from 2016.
  • Type your pitch into the green boxes.

2019 Book Pitch


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