Publishing Genius 2018 Catalog

by | Oct 17, 2017 | A Book Is Born

As Publishing Genius Press completes its tenth year (!) of creating extraordinary books, I am pleased to announce the catalog for 2018. It’s an honor to add five amazing poetry collections by five amazing poets—each book doing something new in its attempt to process and speak the ineffable mystery of, of, of life.

Descriptions of the titles and information about the authors is listed below. To request a review copy, or for more information, contact Adam.

Strange Children  Dan Brady

Strange Children is an emotional reckoning of medical trauma, marriage, family, loss, and adoption. In simple, direct language, the poems here are honest, hard, and hopeful as they explore the “loss of what we never had / but dreamt of—not allowed to dream / of that life any longer.” These are poems you can feel.

Dan Brady is the author of two chapbooks, Cabin Fever / Fossil Record (Flying Guillotine Press) and Leroy Sequences (Horse Less Press). Recent poems have appeared or are forthcoming in AptH_NGM_NSink Review, and So & So Magazine. He is the poetry editor of Barrelhouse and lives in Arlington, Virginia with his wife and two kids. Strange Children is his first full-length poetry collection. Learn more at

Published: March 2018 || ISBN: 978-1-945028-12-0

Lilith, but dark  Nichole Perkins

Lilith, but dark reveals a series of confessions and penances, exploring a southern black woman’s tour through lover’s lament. It explores intimacies from home to the schoolyard to the bedroom. It is a journey through tornado alley, a search for power and peace in the eye of a southern storm.

Nichole Perkins is a writer from Nashville, Tennessee. She is a 2016 Callaloo Creative Writing Fellow in poetry, the Audre Lorde Fellow at the 2017 Jack Jones Literary Arts Retreat, and a 2017 BuzzFeed Emerging Writers Fellow. Nichole enjoys too much pop culture and chocolate.

Published: May 2018 || ISBN: 978-1-945028-14-4

Yr Skull a Cathedral  Param Anand Singh

Yr Skull a Cathedral is a collection of poems and translations—sonnets, song lyrics, ghazals and Sapphics. It’s a curation and also a pluralistic religious tract. Some of it is about cancer. Most of it is really awesome.

Param Anand Singh (b. 1983) used to be R.M. O’Brien who wrote poetry and sang in bands in New York, Providence, Baltimore. Now he lives way up north in Henderson, NY, and tries to be good. Yr Skull a Cathedral is his first full-length book.

Published: July 2018 || ISBN:  978-1-945028-11-3

Steep in the Boil  Megan McShea

Steep in the Boil is a prose poetry memoir in six parts that sometimes veers into personal essay. Culled from writings of an intense period of grief upon grief upon grief, its structure comes from a sequence of real life ordeals. The writing rarely names its subject, which “hulks there, unwritten;” the book is the exhaust of its author enduring, fortified by the mysterious consolations of language.

Megan McShea is the author of A Mountain City of Toad Splendor (Publishing Genius, 2013), How to have a day (Ink Press Productions, 2015), and editor of Ancient Party: Collaborations in Baltimore 2000-2010 (self-published, 2014). Other writing appears in Big Big Wednesday, Fanzine, WORMS Quarterly, Blades, Everyday Genius, Superarrow, and Shattered Wig Review. She lives in Baltimore and works as an archivist.

Published: September 2018 || ISBN:  978-1-945028-13-7

Your Heart Is in the Right Place  Kory Oliver

In Your heart is in the right place, but your soul isn’t, his debut collection of poetry, Kory Oliver writes about the intersections of race, faith, and what it means to exhibit faith in America. These poems peel away the layers of loneliness and suppression that are often used to define the black American experience, so they can reveal the joy underneath.

Kory Oliver lives and writes in Atlanta. His work has appeared in the The Fanzine, Coconut Poetry, Scalawag Magazine, and other publications. This is his first book of poetry.

Published: December 2018 || ISBN: 978-1-945028-15-1

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